Olathe is a vibrant, growing, values-oriented community, with a proud tradition of being a great place to raise a family and start a business. These values of hard work and family shape a state and serve as a model for the nation. It is through those values we enjoy a high quality of life and a bright future for our kids and our grandkids. A future worth protecting.

Here is what I am working on in Topeka:

Real Values at Work, Helping Real People
A true helping hand is one that pulls people up, and shines a path toward restored dignity. We enacted reforms to break the cycle of dependency and get folks back on their feet. The result so far: 13,000 Kansans newly out of poverty, and taxpayers have saved $50 million.

Committed to Putting our Students First
K-12 now receives record funding, Olathe: $358.2 million; Blue Valley: $313.3 million. Enacted reforms will get dollars working directly in the classroom. New budget adds funding and protects K-12 from the governorís proposed cuts.

Effective Leadership for Efficient Management
I championed an efficiency audit of state operations, finding an immediate $150 million savings, and potentially $2 billion over the next five years Ė just by operating smarter. To me, itís not only smart, but also good stewardship of resources and respecting our Kansas taxpayers.

E-mail Ron at: ron@ronryckman.com

Topeka Office Information
Room: 111-N
Seat: 9
Phone: 785 296-5481 (January - May)
Email: ron.ryckman@house.ks.gov

Chair, Appropriations
Chair, Legislative Budget Committee
2015 Special Committee on K-12 Student Success
2013 Special Committee on Education